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10 Questions: Plato's Closet

Just a year ago things didn't look good for a section of River City Plaza on River Street.  With Bon Worth and Dots closing their doors, many Waltham residnets speculated it would be the beginning of the end for the plaza.  Since then, Plato's Closet and Play It Again Sports have opened for business.   Recently, we asked Sara Coen Dash, the owner of Plato's Closet 10 questions.  Many of the questions came from our followers who were interested in knowing more about the store.  .  We hope you take the time to read her answers so you can learn more about Plato's Closet.

10 Questions: 5th Annual Dancing With The Waltham Stars

Welcome to our first 10 Questions Blog Entry.  The whole concept of 10 Questions is to deliver information to our readers about companies, organizations, events and more in Waltham.  Sometimes, they may be boring.  Others may prove very interesting to you.  Our hope is that you enjoy this project and learn something along the way!  

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