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Robert Roberts: Author and Abolitionist - a One Man Performance by Guy Peartree

Sun, 10/18/2015 - 3:00pm
The Carriage House, Gore Place, 52 Gore Street, Waltham, MA
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a first-person, one-man performance by Guy Peartree

Admission is free. Reservations are required. Reservations can be made by clicking here..

A free black from Charleston, South Carolina, Roberts came to work for the Gores in 1825. While serving as Head Butler, Roberts published his book The House Servant’s Directory in 1827, the year of Christopher Gore’s death. In that book, Roberts includes not only recipes
and directions to servants, but wisdom pertaining to the relationships between employer and employee and among staff; wisdom he acquired in his 25 years in domestic service. Perhaps more fascinating than his life in domestic service is the story of Roberts life in the black community of early 19th century Boston, including the struggle of his son Benjamin Franklin Roberts to integrate the Boston Public School system in 1848. Robert Roberts: Author and Abolitionist brings the story of this fascinating man to contemporary audiences.

About Guy Peartree: Guy Peartree has been telling stories since 1989. He performs historical characterizations of Frederick Douglass, William Brown and George Washington Carver; as well as folktales from around the world. Guy also writes his own tales and believes the
task of the writer and the storyteller is the same, “To let the voices of our culture and imagination speak.”

Robert Roberts: Author and Abolitionist will be followed by a discussion of how first-person performances are developed. Total time of the performance and discussion is 40-minutes. This performance is funded in part by the Waltham and the Watertown Local Cultural Councils which are agencies of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.