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St Jude School Silent Auction | School House Rock

St Jude School Silent Auction | School House Rock
Sat, 03/19/2016 - 7:00pm
Saint Jude School, 175 Main Street, Waltham, MA
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The St Jude School Annual Silent Auction featuring School House Rock is one of the most entertaining nights of the year! If you haven’t been to SHR yet, make sure to get a babysitter this year!
Special for 2016, we will draw the winning ticket for the 50|50 raffle.
We are are always interested in auction items! Do you have a special talent? Why not put it on the auction block? Maybe you can give music lessons or provide landscaping assistance. Gift cards and themed baskets are also needed.

After the Auction, we are gonna’ rock Saint Jude School with live music!  The auction is followed by LIVE MUSIC featuring two super-talented musicians, who just happened to be SJS dads! Mick Carr is renowned in the Boston area for his Irish ballads and rock melodies. Then, Pipeline (featuring the phenomenal Paul Conrad) will take the stage and rock your world!

Check out our own school house bands:
Mick Carr [Saint Jude School dad] warms us up with traditional Irish and easy listening music
Pipeline starring Paul Conrad [Saint Jude School dad] on electric guitar and vocals. Covers including Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

Cash Bar Menu
We have a full cash bar featuring signature cocktails and a huge selection of appetizers.
School House  “on the rocks” - Tequila, Triple Sec, and sour mix

Free appetizers

To view and download the 50|50 Raffle Flyer, click here.