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Vivat Regina (Part 2) by Phoebe Roberts

Vivat Regina (Part 2) by Phoebe Roberts
Sat, 05/07/2016 - 6:00pm
Government Center Auditorium, 119 School Street, Waltham, MA
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Presented by the Chameleon Dish Theater

About VIVAT REGINA (Part 2) 6 PM:

"Mary Stone is doing her best learn the trade of her mistress’s work as a covert agent for women victimized by Victorian society. Mrs. Hawking’s nephew Nathaniel, too, struggles to find what contribution he can make to his aunt’s work, and neither one seems to be serving to their mentor’s satisfaction. But when a mysterious lady under a false name comes to them with a next-to-impossible mission, Mrs. Hawking and her assistants must bring together all their varied strengths in order to see that justice is done."

Vivat Regina:
Mrs. Victoria Hawking – Frances Kimpel
Miss Mary Stone – Circe Rowan
Mr. Nathaniel Hawking – Jeremiah O’Sullivan
Mrs. Johanna Braun – Joye Thaller
Mrs. Clara Hawking – Sara Smith
Constable Arthur Swann – Eric Cheung
Frau Kirsten Gerhard – Kitty Drexel
Ensemble – Sara Dion, Travis Ellis, Radha Shukla