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Superintendent Announces Waltham High School Principal Screening Committee Members

Superintendent Announces Waltham High School Principal Screening Committee Members: Members will submit three finalists to Superintendent for consideration

Superintendent Announces Waltham High School Principal Screening Committee Members

Members will submit three finalists to Superintendent for consideration

The search for a new Waltham High School principal is an important one. There is a lot of momentum for Waltham High School and it is critical that we identify, select and support a leader who can partner with a community to build off strength and push improvement. The Superintendent greatly appreciates the 87 citizens who volunteered to serve.
The Superintendent has asked two members of our community to serve as Co-Chairs of this committee. The Co-Chairs will be non-voting members and their role and responsibility is to facilitate dialogue, ensure we are on track with our timeline, and to support the team in fulfilling their charge. Most notably, the Committee will be responsible for thoughtful deliberation and considersation of all candidates and will be charged with submitting three finalists to the Superintendent for consideration.
The Superintendent asked Kaytie Dowcett (Executive Director of the Waltham Partnership for Youth and former Waltham School Committee member and educator) and George Frost (Administrator of Human Resources) to serve as Co-Chairs and both have agreed.
In working with members of the Waltham High School School Site Council, union partners, student leadership and community-based groups, the Superintendent has selected the following individuals to serve on this committee (in alphabetical order):

  • Liz AlJammal, Waltham School Committee
  • Jennifer Barsamian, WHS Educator
  • Darrell Braggs, WHS Associate Principal
  • Anne Marie Carr-Reardon, Community Member, Former WPS Superintendent
  • Shelly Chin, Waltham Public School central office
  • Ryan Cox, WHS Educator
  • John Frassica, Waltham School Committee
  • Lisa Gurgone, WPS Parent
  • José Guzmán, Waltham Community Member and Parent
  • Bill Hanley, Waltham Community Member
  • Michele Kosboth, Waltham Community Member and Parent
  • Elena Koumna, WPS Parent
  • Carolina Lara, Waltham Community Member and Parent
  • Janis Marchese, WHS Educator
  • Estela Melendez, WPS Parent
  • Heather Metallides, WPS Administrator
  • Melissa Nicholas, WHS Alumni
  • Alex Parrella, CVTE Educator
  • Mary Jo Rendón, WHS Educator
  • Stacey Tempesta, WPS Parent
  • Erica Young, Waltham Community Member

Two Waltham High School students, who have been selected by student representatives to the Waltham School Committee, will also join the committee to advocate for the Waltham High School student body.
Over the next few months this Committee will be working through various steps of the recruitment and screening process including, but not limited to: screening and selecting semi-finalist candidates, designing questions and tasks for the semi-finalist interview process, conducting interviews, selecting finalists and presenting finalists to Superintendent. This Committee will not be able to talk about their process until it is concluded and finalists are announced. The Superintendent respectfully asks members of the community to understand the critical need for confidenitality during this process and to also understand when members of the Screening Committee cannot answer your direct questions. The Superintendent will be updating the Community in early January with the names and biographical information of finalists for this important role.