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Dovetail Sake
99 Felton Street, Waltham, MA
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Dovetail Sake


Dovetail Sake is a New England Sake brand based in Waltham, Massachusetts. Our vision is to produce high-quality Sake in small batches using the finest ingredients. For this reason, we use American-grown Yamada Nishiki rice, Japanese yeast strains, and grow our own Koji in house. This all-handmade approach allows us the greatest control to make the most delicious Sake. Co-founder and owner, Daniel Krupp is a Newton, Massachusetts native, culinary school graduate, and an alum of the SEC’s Certified Sake Professional certification program (Japan, 2010). Todd Bellomy, co-founder and brewer, lived in Japan for several years, worked in the American craft beer industry for 8 years, and studied in Japanese Sake breweries. 
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Sake, Nakahama Junmai, Ōmori Nigori