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First Lutheran Church of Waltham
First Lutheran Church of Waltham
6 Eddy Street, Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 893-6563
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First Lutheran Church of Waltham


About First Lutheran Church of Waltham

We are a community of people seeking to grow in our relationship to God, to others, and within our own selves.  If you are new to Christianity or have been away from the church for some time, know that we come from a variety of religious backgrounds and experiences. Some of us were raised Lutheran, but many of us found our way to First Lutheran in other ways.   Here you will find people who have been shaped in Roman Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, Quaker, and other communities of faith, as well as people who have had little or no prior church experience.

What binds us together is the gift of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness made known in the person of Jesus Christ.  We believe that again and again God comes down and welcomes us home, restores us, forgives our past, and empowers us for life now, before we do anything.  There’s mystery and joy in this, a mystery and joy that we experience in our worship and communal life together.  We believe it is our call to welcome and love others as Christ welcomes and loves us.

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