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REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
REACH Beyond Domestic Violence
PO Box 540024, Waltham, MA 02454
(781) 891-0724
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REACH Beyond Domestic Violence


REACH Beyond Domestic Violence is building healthy communities by ending domestic violence. We are committed to advancing the safety, healing and empowerment of those who experience domestic or relationship violence through direct services and education while promoting social justice for individuals and families of all backgrounds.

Our name, REACH (Refuge, Education, Advocacy, CHange) reflects our commitment to providing individuals and communities with the resources and tools necessary to heal from abuse and prevent future violence.

REFUGE: We provide shelter and safe home to survivors and their children who have been traumatized by domestic violence. Comprehensive support services are available to shelter guests, including counseling, assistance in obtaining longer-term housing and employment, and legal advocacy.

EDUCATION: Through community-based prevention and education efforts, we foster healthy relationships and increased awareness of abuse in the community, in order to put a stop to violence before it occurs.

ADVOCACY: Our residential and community advocates use a survivor-centered, relationship model of advocacy, helping survivors plan for their safety, access benefits, and explore options for housing and employment.

CHANGE: Our overall goal is to end domestic violence through community education and early intervention, so that individuals and families of all backgrounds are empowered to lead healthy, safe lives.

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