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Waltham Community Access Corp, WCAC-TV, MAC-TV, Newswatch8
Waltham Community Access Corp
400 Main Street, Ste 1, Waltham, MA 02452
(781) 899-8834
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Waltham Community Access Corp


Waltham Community Access Corporation was incorporated as an independent nonprofit corporation on December 13, 1985. WCAC-TV was designed to serve the entire Waltham community and is conveniently located at 400 Main Street in Waltham. Waltham Community Access Corporation is funded by a percentage of the gross revenues from Comcast and RCN cable. Grants, sponsorships and contributions from local businesses subsidize our income. All revenue is used to provide the community with cutting-edge equipment housed in a comfortable, accessible facility.

Waltham Community Access Corporation is home to two stations, WCAC-TV and MAC-TV. WCAC-TV is the Community Access station that provides programming geared towards the interests of local residents, businesses, and organizations. MAC-TV is the Government Access station that provides coverage of municipal meetings, events and special government related programming. As well, Waltham Community Access Corporation produces a weekly news program, The Waltham Newswatch, focused on Waltham-centric news reporting.

Where to find the channels:


WCAC-TV - Channel 8 (Channel 7 without a cable box)
MAC-TV Government - Channel 98 (Channel 22 without a cable box)


WCAC-TV - Channel 3
MAC-TV Government - Channel 15


WCAC-TV - Channel 47
MAC-TV Government Channel 43

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Monday - Thursday:
9:00 am-8:00 pm
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday:
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Waltham Community Access Corp, WCAC-TV, MAC-TV, Newswatch8