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Message to PTO Parents & Teachers: Bake Sales and Box Tops

Message to PTO Parents & Teachers: Bake Sales and Box Tops

Just a few things we want to share with you:  With Election Day and the holidays fast approaching, we want to make an attempt to help PTOs in our city reap the benefits between Election Day bake sales and the Box Tops for Education program.

1. If your school PTO is sponsoring a bake sale or other event on Election Day at one of the polls, please email us the information community@discoverwaltham.us. We're going to be promoting these events in social media and will be posting an article on Discover Waltham. If you have flyers or artwork prepared, don't hesitate to send them along. Election Day is a great opportunity to get funding for your respective PTO. Please submit your information no later than October 26

2. We know some PTOs have been participating in the Box Tops for Education Program. As we are well aware, the holidays can be the best time to collect plenty of box tops. On November 21, we will be launching our first Holiday Box Tops for Education drive. This drive will continue to January 3, 2017. We believe that getting the word out to residents (especially those who may not have school age children in the house) during the holidays could significantly boost your normal collection of box tops. So, if your PTO participates in the box tops program, let us know so we can include you in our drive.

Thanks for your support and get ready. We have a few more ideas coming in 2017 to boost support and participation in your PTO! Stay tuned.