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OPINION: Bring the Community Together & Welcome the Moving Wall to Waltham

Saluting Our Fallen Heroes: Expressing Our Gratitude

As most of us know, Waltham will be the host city for the Moving Wall - a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.  For so long, our Vietnam Veterans were disheartened by the reception they received during the turbulent 70's.  Things have changed since those days and finally Vietnam Veterans are getting the recognition and gratitude they deserve for their service to our nation.  On Wednesday the Moving Wall will be arriving in Waltham and will make its' way to Gore Place where it will be available for viewing 24 hours a day.

The Moving Wall will be escorted by Waltham officials and public safety officials but we, as private citizens, can so our part to express our gratitude.  This is an opportunity for us to pass on the importance of patriotism to the next generation.  If you can, please consider lining the route as the Moving Wall comes through Waltham.  Bring the children, bring American flags, let's express our patriotism in an act of solidarity.  Following is the anticipated arrival schedule:


  • Expected to arrive in Waltham, Trapelo Road Exit, between 12:30 PM. and 1:00 PM.
  • Escort should hold at Autodesk, 1560 Trapelo Rd, Waltham
  • Route is Trapelo Road to Lexington Street to Main Street to Gore Street to Grove Street.

Businesses along the route are encouraged to take part by displaying the flag or taking a moment have all employees gather as the motorcade passes by.  Let's make this a watershed moment for Waltham.  Councilors Giordano and LeBlanc have worked tirelessly to make this happen; therefore three cheers to them both and all o fthose who have worked with them in making this event a reality!