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FAQs for Businesses

What is Discover Waltham?

DISCOVERWALTHAM.US is a website designed to be used primarily by Waltham residents and business owners. We also welcome visitors to share their experiences while in Watch City.

How did it all begin?

It all started with a ride down Moody Street one night. We "discovered" businesses we didn't know existed! We started sharing those discoveries on social media as DISCOVER MOODY ST, using Twitter and Facebook. Not long after, Waltham businesses off Moody St. asked why we weren't "discovering" them as well. That's how DISCOVERWALTHAM came to be!

Why a website?

One of the things we learned through our interactions on social media was that there is plenty of “undiscovered territory” in Waltham. We talked to college students and their families asking them what kind of resources they sought when considering Waltham. We chatted with millennials and young couples just starting families. We learned that many had no idea Waltham has so much to offer for kids. And, we talked to local business owners who shared stories of what they've been trying to do to sustain their business and be a vital part of our community.

We decided we needed to do something proactive to expose people to all the great features of Waltham life! We've developed a website which lists businesses, organizations and more. We've added a comments section to allow you to share your expediences. Every business listing has a comments section where you can participate in the discussion. We hope you make use of the resources we've provided.

Who is eligible to list a business on this site?

Any locally owned business or organization is eligible to be listed in Discover Waltham. This includes locally owned franchise establishments. Basic Business listings are provided free of charge. We have levels of sponsorship available to businesses if you would like to take advantage of Discover Waltham's marketing strategy.

We've done plenty of the footwork already! Over 400 locally owned businesses are listed in Discover Waltham. If your business is currently listed, you can click on the orange “CLAIM THIS BUSINESS” button on the right side of your screen above the ad block.

Non-Profits and NGOs

Non-profit organizations and/or NGOs (including civic organizations) are an integral part of our community and serve to enhance the lives of many residents. These organizations are welcome to claim their respective pages and receive all the benefits of Premium Business Sponsors at no charge. To claim your listing, click on the orange “CLAIM THIS BUSINESS” button on the right side of your screen above the ad block.

What are the levels of Business sponsorship?

There are three levels of business sponsorship of Discover Waltham:

1. Basic Business 2. Standard Business Sponsor 3. Premium Business Sponsor

Please refer to our Business Sponsorship Guide for more information.