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MassLandlords Presents: When Landlords Should Call the Police, Tech to Comply with MA Law

MassLandlords Presents: When Landlords Should Call the Police, Tech to Comply with MA Law
Wed, 04/04/2018 - 5:30pm
Best Western, 380 Winter St, Waltham, MA
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MassLandlords Presents:

Part I: If your tenants are dealing drugs or turning tricks out of your apartment, who do you call first? If the answer isn't "the police," come find out what you're missing. The police aren't just for traffic and violence. Community policing can help owners stay in business, avoid serious problems, and even change the course of neighborhoods.

This part will be presented by Officer June Conway. Officer Conway is the Housing Liaison Officer for the City of Waltham. She has spent over thirty years in law enforcement and speaks to colleges, universities, local businesses, chambers of commerce, and residents from all over. Her goal is to partner with the public to make positive changes in crime, housing, juvenile misbehavior, and quality of life.

Part II: Do you have a Written Information Security Program? Are you compliant with MGL Chapter 93H and 201 CMR 17? Find out how you can prevent identify theft both for yourself and for your tenants, comply with the law, and make life easier for your company in a digital age. We'll cover the fundamentals of data backup, password vaults, secure web browsing, Internet and hard drive encryption, email tracking, and WISP's, and why anti-virus software has been made obsolete by anti-malware.

We might not think about it, but in the course of screening tenants, many of us gather enough information that, were it to fall into the wrong hands, our applicants' identities could easily be stolen in their entirety.

This is an important presentation not only because we're regulated under pain of fines, but because by-and-large the rental operations we've seen are not secure. Is yours?

This part will be presented by Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director of MassLandlords, Inc. MassLandlords relies heavily on information technology, remote part-time employees, outsourced contractors, and cloud storage. Doug has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and has developed software for jet engines and several startups. He is happy to take questions on how MassLandlords has been able to securely bootstrap to this point using the latest technology to safeguard information. Presentation has been customized to be relevant to rental property owners of all sizes.