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White Privilege / Anti-Racism Training

White Privilege / Anti-Racism Training
Wed, 11/15/2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Government Center, 119 School Street, Waltham, MA
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This 3 hour event will focus on bridging a deep understanding of personal and structural racism into commitments. Participants will examine their experiential roles in the dynamics of systemic racism and find the next step in framing their roles in social justice movements. This course is geared to move beyond talking about racism and social oppression and set on finding ways to take action, whether in your own personal sphere or in your community.

Please join us for a powerful 3-hour course facilitated by local multi-racial facilitators. All are welcome — but note that the course takes an explicit view that transforming both ourselves and our society to be racially just implicates a responsibility in white and privileged folks to engage in this work more robustly.  This event is hosted by the Anti-Racism Collaborative and Progressive Waltham.